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December 30, 2008

Akiva Eldar Repeats Qana Falsehoods

29 coffins at the funeral for Qana victims, including four covered by Hezbollah flags

"The Way Out of Gaza" is the headline of Akiva Eldar's Op-Ed yesterday in which he repeated a falsehood about Qana that was long ago debunked:

Still, the Qana disaster of 2006, which killed 56 civilians, brought international pressure on Israel and disrupted the prosecution of the war. (Emphasis added.)

Twenty-nine Lebanese were killed in Qana in 2006, of which at least three were Hezbollah fighters. Shortly after initially publishing the false number of 56 fatalities, Human Rights Watch and the Red Cross revised their findings -- a fact reported by Eldar's colleague Yoav Stern in Ha'aretz on Aug. 4, 2006.

While "The Way Out of Gaza" may still be unclear, the use of falsehoods on the part of Eldar and his colleague Gideon Levy is certainly not the answer.

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