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December 18, 2008

Unbalanced Reporting by BBC's World Service


It seems that the BBC’s commitment to impartial reporting has fallen by the wayside.

The BBC’s World Service radio broadcast on December 15, 2008 included an interview with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad - who was in London for an investment conference - about the probablilty of reaching a peace agreement with Israel by the end of George Bush’s term as President.

While Mr. Fayad accused Israel of “non-compliance�? with their Road Map obligations by continuing settlement activity, no Israeli perspective was heard.

Doesn’t accurate and balanced journalism entail allowing both sides of a dispute to be heard?

Not only was the Israeli perspective stifled, but the report also failed to address the Palestinian government’s non-compliance to fulfill its own obligations under the Road Map and Oslo Accords - specifically the dismantlement of Hamas.

This is typical of BBC reporting - focus on alleged transgressions by Israel while ignoring Palestinian violations.

Thus the BBC misleads its audience and departs from its own editorial guidelines.

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