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August 19, 2008

Shales on Helen Thomas & Her Anti-Israel Rhetoric

In an August 18, 2008 Washington Post article, "Story with a Few Holes; Portrait of Helen Thomas Obscures Flaws," film reviewer Thomas Shales reminds readers of how unprofessional and partisan former reporter Helen Thomas was regarding Israel:

What's disappointing about Thomas, and troubling about the film, is her stridency in criticizing Israel and defending its enemies. Other than a passing reference to Thomas's parents as having been Syrian immigrants, the film never hints at Thomas's anti-Israeli rhetoric.

Especially during the current administration, her "questions" at press briefings have been more like tirades, on one occasion prompting Tony Snow, the late journalist who was then press secretary, to respond, "Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view." This would have been a pertinent and amusing clip to include in the film. Not for nothing was Thomas recently hailed as "the epitome of journalistic integrity for over 57 years" -- by the Arab American News.

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