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May 29, 2008

The Guardian Branches Out

Considering the Guardian’s track record of reporting on Israel, it is of no surprise to read the publication’s latest attempt at journalism.

A May 29, 2008 quiz (and yes, you are reading the word “quiz�? correctly) prepared by Anil Dawar, highlights the corruption scandal surrounding Israel’s Prime Minister. The Guardian is apparently keen to ensure that its readers are not deprived of any of the minutiae, so it has generously provided--in the ‘Latest Multimedia’ section of its website---a quiz for its readers to answer about Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s corruption investigation.

The first question of five begins, believe it or not, as follows:

According to US entrepreneur and rabbi, Morris Talansky, what luxury items was Ehud Olmert obsessed with?

  • Fashionable trainers (British term for sneakers or running shoes)

  • Expensive cigars

  • Branded sunglasses

  • Handmade suits

Another question grills readers on the exact dollar amount spent by Olmert on a hotel stay:

How much did Olmert's three-day stay at the Ritz Carlton in Washington cost Talansky?

  • $4,700

  • $5,700

  • $3,700

  • $6,700

The other questions are similar. But, oh dear, Mr. Dawar forgot to include any questions about Mr.Olmert’s favorite toothpaste.

Regarding Mr.Talansky’s status as a rabbi, Mr. Dawar neglects to clarify that Mr. Talansky is not a practicing rabbi. He is a businessman who briefly led a congregation in Portland, Oregon and has not practiced as a rabbi since the 1950's.

Umm, I wonder what Mr. Dawar had in mind when he came up with this quiz. Maybe he was very, very bored?

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