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March 30, 2008

Just Journalism Just Launched

just journalism launched.jpe

The Jewish Chronicle reports

A veteran reporter who has covered some of the major events of the Middle East has been appointed head of a new organisation monitoring media coverage of Israel.

Egyptian-born Adel Darwish, a regular analyst on British, North American and Arabic-language TV, is the first director of the newly operational Just Journalism organisation.

Although its official launch is not until May, its website is due to become publicly accessible today.

The new venture, which has been nearly a year in the planning, was founded by a group of young professionals, Jewish and non-Jewish, with backgrounds in the media, law, public relations and academia. They were motivated by a belief that skewed reporting was increasingly contributing to the delegitimisation of Israel. . . .

Just Journalism stresses that it is “not a lobby group�?. Its plans to evaluate press and broadcast reports on Israel in terms of the editorial standards and commitments to fairness set out in various codes of practice published, for example, by the BBC, Ofcom or the Press Complaints Commission.

An example of “lack of context�? is reporting on the current hardship of the Palestinians in Gaza without mentioning that the Israeli blockade was imposed in response to rocket attacks, Mr Darwish said.

On the Web: Just Journalism

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