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February 05, 2008

Six Months of 'Bad News'

gerstenfeld bad news.jpe
Manfred Gerstenfeld pioneered the 'Bad News' concept

Ha'aretz reports that the Bad News blog project is six-months old and going strong:

What began six months ago as a brazen attempt to counter a perceived anti-Israel slant in the Dutch media has evolved into a network monitoring the media in eight countries across the world. The idea is simple: Beat press bias at its own game by advertising only bad news about one place.

Over the past months, seven activists from Israel and elsewhere have been exposing online readers to scandalous yet accurate reports from media in Britain (violent drunk teens), France (high homeless mortality), Norway (serial child molesters), Finland (sexual harassment in parliament), Sweden (soaring suicide rates), The Netherlands (menacing Muslim unrest), Mexico (rampaging flood victims) and Los Angeles (drive-by killings).

Visit Manfred Gerstenfeld's Bad News from the Netherlands, the blog that started it all.

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