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January 10, 2008

All That is Wrong with Talks Coverage

One sentence by Richard Boudreaux yesterday in the Los Angeles Times encapsulates all that is wrong with media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian talks. He writes:

Because the sides have yet to tackle the core issues, Bush is more likely during his visit to be drawn into peripheral feuds over Jewish settlements and Palestinian militant activity, obstacles that sour the climate for talks.

Earlier in the article, Boudreaux defined those "core issues" as:

the borders of a Palestinian state, the status of Palestinian refugees who fled homes in Israel, and conflicting claims over Jerusalem -- issues the two sides last addressed seven years ago.

"Palestinian militant activity" is merely an "obstacle that sours the climate for talks"? For Israel, Palestinian terrorism, an expression of Arab rejectionism of the Jewish state's existence, is the core issue, whether or not the media cares to report it.

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