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November 06, 2007

Update on Levy's Difficulty with Numbers

Earlier we blogged about Gideon Levy's grossly inaccurate reading of B'Tselem numbers. He said that according to B'Tselem 467 Israelis were killed in the last seven years, when B'Tselem's actual figure is 1,025.

Interestingly, we spoke with Levy today, who said that a correction ran in the Hebrew edition the day after the column appeared (Oct. 30). If any readers in Israel have the Oct. 30 Hebrew edition and can confirm this, we would be happy to hear from you.

A CAMERA check confirms that there has been no correction in the English edition, and Levy took no responsibility for seeing that there will be one. Likewise, the office of publisher Amos Schocken did not seem too concerned about a correction in the print English edition, so perhaps a little feedback could help ([email protected]).

Also, with Levy's comment about a Hebrew correction in hand, we spoke to a staff person at the English Web site who seemed to be fixing the error on the spot, but when we checked just now, the error still remains (as it does on the Hebrew site, too).

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