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November 12, 2007

Mohammed Puts Words in Mahmoud's Mouth

Abbas Jerusalem small.jpe
Mahmoud Abbas: Called for Jerusalem to be the Palestinian capital

Reporting on Saturday's unveiling of the new monument to Yaser Arafat, AP's Mohammed Daraghmeh puts words into Mahmoud Abbas' mouth, writing:

In a brief speech, Abbas pledged to reclaim part of Jerusalem for his people.

Only Abbas didn't specify a claim on just "part" of the city. That's purely Daraghmeh's interpretation. Here's actually what Abbas said, as quoted by Daraghmeh himself two paragraphs later:

"We will continue on the path of the martyred President Yasser Arafat to be reburied in Jerusalem, which we loved . . . . Jerusalem, which he tried to make, and which all our people are trying to make, the capital of the Palestinian state."

Similarly, Karin Laub, Daraghmeh's colleague at the AP, supplied another quote, and it too did not mention any designs on "part" of the city:

"We are continuing the path, continuing the pledge, to establish an independent Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as its capital, God willing."

(Hat tip: Hillel S.)

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