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November 28, 2007

In LA Times, One Step Forward, One Step Back

There is improvement in the LA Times' Annapolis coverage today over yesterday. Today's articles do not wrongly substitute "road map" references to Palestinian "terror" with the euphemistic "militant."

Richard Boudreaux writes:

That plan requires the Palestinians to "take steps to dismantle terrorist organizations" -- in other words, a victory by Abbas' Fatah party over the militant group Hamas, which calls for Israel's destruction.

He does insist, though, that Hamas is a "militant group," despite the fact that the U.S., European Union and Israel call it is a terrorist organization.

In a separate article, Paul Richter also commendably keeps to the "road map" language, writing that interim issues include "fighting terrorism."

Unfortunately, though, today's coverage introduces a new problem, with Boudreaux writing:

By pledging to honor the long-ignored road map, the two leaders in effect have agreed to stop the attacks and begin an Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian territory while simultaneously trying to negotiate the major issues.

Here, Boudreaux confuses the disputed West Bank for "Palestinian territory." Of course, the borders of the future Palestinian state in the West Bank -- an unallocated portion of the British Mandate -- are still undetermined. Thus, it is inaccurate and prejudicial to call anything over the Green Line "Palestinian territory."

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