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March 12, 2007

Misplaced Cash

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As CAMERA has documented, international aid has been on rise since Hamas' election victory, despite media reports about the supposed international boycott. So where's it all going?

That's a good question, says Salam Fayyad, who will soon reassume his old post of treasury chief for the Palestinian Authority. Speaking to the Sunday Telegraph, he admitted that there is no way to know whether the hundreds of millions in aid is being used as intended:

"Please write this: no one can give donors that assurance. Why? Because the system is in a state of total disrepair."

The Telegraph's Josh Mitnick reports:

Now, Palestinian Authority spending is out of control, salaries are bing paid to workers who never turn up, and nobody can track where the money is going, according to Mr. Fayad.

We know where at least some of it is going.

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