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March 08, 2007

Another foolish Baltimore Sun editorial

Baltimore Sun editorials on Arab-Israeli matters tend to be superficial, illogical and therefore foolish. The latest, "Louder than words," in the February 27 edition, is no exception. It:

* Decries Israel's recent counter-terrorism raid in Nablus, but fails to mention that the action uncovered three bomb-making laboratories, resulted in the arrest of five suspected Islamic Jihad terrorists, that in 2006 most attempted suicide bombings originated in the Nablus area, or that just a few days before the raid Israeli authorities disrupted an Islamic Jihad plot to bomb a shopping center in Tel Aviv. The Sun offers no substitute strategy for Israeli self-defense.

* Acknowledges that diplomacy can't progress unless the Palestinian Authority's Hamas-led government "recognizes Israel and renounces terrorism -- its leaders have done neither," yet laments Washington's "uncompromising stand ...." So the United States should compromise, even though Hamas does not?

* Complains -- this is Sun editorialists on autopilot -- of "the Bush administration's apparent lack of interest in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis" and says "actions speak louder than words." But this latest visit just added to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's lengthy Arab-Israeli frequent flyer log. The Sun, acknowledging Hamas' obstructions, nevertheless insists on blaming President Bush and Rice for the absence of a "two-state solution." And,

* Repeats conventional news media wisdom that "loss of millions in international aid" "has devastated the [Palestinian] economy." But, as a CAMERA study has shown, international subsidies have risen, not declined. A bloated public sector, inefficiency, corruption, crime and internecine fighting, not a redirection of aid from the Hamas government to non-governmental agencies, has hurt the Palestinian economy.

"Louder than words" is a jumble of contradictory observations. It provides nothing remotely resembling an analysis. It leads to no useful insight or recommendation. Like most Sun Arab-Israeli editorials, it wastes the paper's space and readers' time.

Posted by ER at March 8, 2007 11:35 AM


Posted by: Anonymous at March 9, 2007 11:10 AM

the correct link to the article is:,0,3815022.story?coll=bal-opinion-headlines

The link given in your notice is incorrect. Personally, I prefer the contects of the incorrect link. It shows more accuracy that the Sun's actual editorial.

Posted by: Anonymous at March 9, 2007 11:14 AM

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