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January 21, 2007

Dollars Flushed Down the Tunnels

A Palestinian arms smuggling tunnel/Photo from Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The next time a reporter writes about the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority, s/he should take into account yesterday's report from the Palestinian Ma'an News Agency, which states:

The spokesperson of the Fatah movement in the West bank, Jamal Nazzal, on Saturday accused the Hamas movement and government of spending millions of US dollars on the excavation of tunnels between the Gaza Strip's cities. He compared the network of tunnels in Gaza to that which Al-Qaeda established in Kabul.

Nazzal said that the tunnels, which have been discovered, indicate a huge project aimed at establishing an underground structure which he called, the "tunnels' republic," to which press and law can have no access.

According to the spokesperson, Palestinian minister of interior Dr Mahmoud Zahhar had recently confirmed that $120 million was delivered to the Palestinians, yet only $60 million entered the treasury. Fatah has demanded that the finance ministry reveal the whereabouts of those millions.

Here, then, is Palestinian confirmation of Israeli Ben-Dror Yemini's analysis that:

It is not a question of theories, however, but with facts: huge sums of money given to the Palestinians went down the drain, and opportunities to win independence and prosperity were rejected in favor of the supreme objective: wiping Israel off the map.

(Hat tip: IMRA)

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