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November 29, 2006

The 'Zionist Entity' and the Mideast Divide

The heading of the letters section in the Los Angeles Times today is "Settlements and the Mideast divide." For one letter-writer, the debate is not about the settlements' existence, but about Israel's. Indeed, like Israel's most intractable enemies, Richard O. Richards cannot even bring himself to say the country's name:

The one who needs to "get real" is the so-called free press in the Western media, which for years has stuck its head in the sand and ignored the racist and neofascist nature of the Zionist entity.

Was the LA Times "ignoring the racist and neofascist nature of the Zionist entity" when it repeatedly printed Op-Eds by Richards' UCLA colleague Saree Makdisi, who called for a binational state (i.e., Israel's elimination) and accused Israel of deliberately targeting civilians, among other atrocities? (And, the Times has yet to correct Makdisi's numerous outstanding factual errors.)

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