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November 20, 2006

In Ha'aretz Op-Eds, Contradictory 'Facts'

Yossi Sarid bungles the "Prisoners' Document"

Opposing viewpoints on an Op-Ed page make for lively reading. Contradictions of fact on the Op-Ed page--true and false literally side by side--make for poor journalism.

In Ha'aretz today, Danny Rubinstein writes:

The guidelines of the [Palestinian] national unity government are based on the "prisoner's document," and do not meet the three demands of Israel and the Quartet (recognition, an end to violence and abiding by previous agreements.)


In another Op-Ed, Yossi Sarid writes:

Inside prison [Marwan Barghouti] formulated the "prisoners' document" drawn up by Fatah and Hamas members, which calls for the establishment of two states based on the 1967 borders [sic] , adopts previous agreements between the sides and abandons the armed struggle in the unoccupied territories.


So much for Sarid's "facts." His opinion, that Barghouti should be released, is open for reader debate.

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