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November 07, 2006

Incitement in the News

One of the major shortcomings in news coverage of the Middle East conflict has been the media's lack of attention to the incitement all too pervasive in Palestinian society.

Sometimes, though, journalists do take note of, and comment on, Palestinian hate education.

In the Nov. 13 US News and World Report, for example, Editor-in-Chief Mortimer Zuckerman writes:

Hamas ensures further bloodshed by indoctrinating Palestinian children. They are not born hating, but from the age of 3 their radical leadership incites them to murder. The hate pervades the educational system, TV broadcasting, summer camps, children's trading cards, movies, music, even games that make martyrdom a major theme. A Palestinian psychiatrist recently reported that over half the Palestinian children between the ages of 6 and 11 dream of becoming suicide bombers. And in this perverse and tragic pursuit, they are urged on by their prime minister, Haniyeh. "One of the signs of victory," he told a rally recently, "is the Palestinian mother who prepares her son to be a warrior and then receives the news of his death for the sake of Allah with cries of happiness."

Read it all here.

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50 years of the conflict and ticking... diplomacy has failed. The use of force - also didn't solve the problem.
Here's a new proposal how to end the war in the Middle East. (

Posted by: xgeronimo at November 8, 2006 06:27 AM

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