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August 08, 2006

Who is Hezbollah?

As the conflict with Hezbollah unfolded, CAMERA published a timeline of the group's violence and a collection of quotes by Hezbollah leader Hassan Narallah, in order to ensure information was available about who exactly Israel was fighting.

It seems that some, though, still don't know the nature of Hezbollah. But on the bright side, Harold Evans, former editor of the Times (UK), does know, and here's what he wrote about those people who go so far as to support the terror organization:

"We are all Hizbullah now," proclaimed one of the banners at the Stop the War coalition's London march. Really? Is it possible that more than one person has taken leave of their senses?

It was a sign either of profound ignorance or a depraved indifference to human life. Either way, the moral idiocy of the sentiment betrayed the higher purpose of the march.

If we are all Hizbullah now, who are we?

To read his powerful answer in the Guardian, click here.

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