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July 14, 2006

Pamphlets to Protect Civilians

Much of US media have referred to warning leaflets Israel dropped over Beirut without getting into great detail; but the Lebanese Daily Star has relayed what it says is the full text of those leaflets:

Due to the terrorist activities carried out by Hizbullah, the Israeli Army will continue its work within Lebanese territories for as long as it deems fit to protect Israeli citizens. For your own safety and because we do not wish to cause any more civilian deaths, you are advised to avoid all places frequented by Hizbullah.

You should know that the continuation of terrorist activities against Israel will be considered a double-edged sword for you and Lebanon.

The State of Israel.

One of many leaflets Israel dropped on Gaza in December 2005. The leaflets warned Palestinian civilians to stay clear of areas from which terrorists fire Qassam rockets at Israel.

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