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July 24, 2006

Misinformation Down the Pipeline


Los Angeles Times editors insert misinformation into a column by Daniel Pipes

Once again, the Op-Ed pages of the Los Angeles Times seem intent on implying that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel. CAMERA first flagged this phenonomen back in 2003.

More recently, we were surprised to see "Tel Aviv" as the apparent shorthand for Israel's capital in a July 20 Los Angeles Times column by noted Mideast scholar Daniel Pipes. The column stated:

Building on this assessment, I suggest that the [U.S.] administration make the following requests of Tel Aviv, to protect American interests.

Curiousity as to whether editors inserted the misinformation prompted a visit to Pipes' Web site, where, sure enough, we found an asterik appeared next to the text in question. The endnote reads:

As originally submitted, this line read, "Building on this assessment of Israel, I suggest the administration make three requests." In the course of editing, the sentence was changed to the above. Only after publication did some readers point out to me, correctly, that Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv, is the capital of Israel, and that my text implies otherwise.

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