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July 28, 2006

Jewish "Naqba"

All too often, the media completely ignores—or, perhaps worse, whitewashes—the struggles of Jewish refugees from the Arab and Muslim countries.

But in a story by Boston Globe correspondent Matthew Kalman about Ada Aharoni, the founder of an Israeli grassroots movement that had opposed Israel's 18-year presence in its southern Lebanon "security zone," who says that Israel's current military campaign is justified, Aharoni reminds readers of these forgotten refugees:

Aharoni was born in Egypt and was forced to leave with her family when Israel was founded in 1948.

"It was our 'naqba,'" she said, using the Arabic word for `disaster' with which Palestinians describe the creation of the state of Israel. "We lost everything, but I have never had any hatred for anybody. This is what I tell my Palestinian and Egyptian sisters. I never took a gun and tried to kill anyone. We just started over again."

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