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July 26, 2006

Israel Phones Residents Before Bombing

The Los Angeles Times reports on Israeli missile attacks on homes used for storing rockets in the Gaza Strip today:

As many as 50 tanks occupied a hilltop east of the town of Jabliya, while Israeli helicopters fired missiles into nearby. . . .

The Israeli army has sought to limit the rocket attacks by shelling the areas commonly used by militants as launch sites and by bombing homes believed to be used for storing rockets.

The Times leaves out the fact that the Shin Bet has "begun telephoning members of Palestinian terrorist organizations and warning them to leave their houses, so that they and their families will not be hurt when Israel bombs them, Palestinian sources said yesterday," according to Ha'aretz ("Sources: Shin Bet issues warning to families of terrorists ahead of strikes"). The article notes:

According to sources, Shin Bet agents have contacted members of various armed organizations over the last few days and warned them that Israel plans to attack their houses. The houses in question are being targeted because Israel believes that they are being used to store or manufacture weapons, including Qassam rockets and rocket-propelled grenades. . . .

In addition, the IDF has interrupted local radio broadcasts in several parts of Gaza in recent days, overriding the scheduled programing with warnings about planned attacks on houses that serve as arms caches.

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