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June 29, 2006

Prisoners' Document Called For Palestinian Kidnapping?

Why have none in the media entertained the premise that the Palestinian prisoners' document allows, or even encouraged, the Palestinian attack this week in which killed several Israelis were killed and one was kidnapped?

Many news organizations have been quick to extrapolate from Hamas's endorsement of the document that the terror group has "implicitly" or "effectively" accepted Israel's right to exist, even after this premise has been proven false by a number of Hamas leaders who explain that the group still rejects Israel's right to exist. See details here, here, and here.

Although much of the media seemed eager to glean from the document any signs of Hamas moderation, apparently none have extrapolated that the document encouraged this week's attack--even though this interpretation seems much more likely than the disproven one suggesting Hamas moderation.

The document, which calls for "focusing" terror attacks on the West Bank but not limiting attacks the the disputed land, states that "Liberation of the prisoners and detainees is a sacred national duty that must be assumed by ... all resistance forces." Being that the Palestinians are looking to exchange the kidnapped Israeli for Palestinian prisoners, it seems that the attackers were merely following the supposedly "moderate" prisoners' document.

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