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January 03, 2006

Unlike U.S. Media, Iranian TV Refers to Israeli Strategic Depth Issue

A Snapshots blog entry last summer pointed out that, with few exceptions, media coverage about Israeli settlements and the Gaza disengagement failed to inform readers of a central reason why the settlements were built in the first place: national security and strategic depth in a country long threatened by bellicose neighbors. (See that entry here.)

Even Iranian officials on Iranian TV, it turns out, are less tight-lipped about these Israeli securty issues than are U.S. media commentators.

MEMRI translated this from a Jan. 1 broadcast on Iran's channel 2:

Secretary of Iranian Supreme Council for National Security Ali Larijani: As for the Israelis and their declarations [about possible military action against Iran's nuclear program], they will suffer a great loss. Israel is a very small country. It doesn't have the necessary width...

Interviewer: It has no strategic depth...

Ali Larijani: That's right.

Why does Iran's government-controlled media appear more free to discuss this subject than our own media?

Ali Larijani on Iranian Channel 2

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