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September 18, 2005

New York Times Ignores Palestinian Violations of Peace Plans

CAMERA notes that a New York Times story on upcoming Palestinian elections portrayed the Israeli demand that Palestinians bar terror groups from elections as a unilateral demand, when, in fact, it was an obligation under the Oslo Accords . The reporter also ignored all other Palestinian obligations under the various peace plans as well, but did note an alleged Israeli violation of the Road Map.

While there’s no doubt the PA routinely violates its peace-plan obligations, by publishing Brinkley’s skewed and inaccurate dispatches the New York Times violates its journalistic obligations to avoid bias and give readers the full truth.

Read CAMERA's commentary.

Meanwhile, Mediacrity notes that the Times' "disastrous" coverage of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza is an excellent example of how the Times "habitually ignores or underplays stories that do not fit its preconceived notions and biases for coverage of the Middle East."

Since Sept. 12, when Israel forces withdrew, Gaza has been the site of an orgy of looting and violence that has included wholesale violations of Israel's agreements with Egypt to police the border...the Times has reacted by keeping its coverage to a bare minimum -- making it resemble, in its Gaza coverage, a small-town newspaper out in the sagebrush more than a major "newspaper of record."

Read the whole entry.

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