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September 14, 2005

Incitement Continues on PA TV


MEMRI TV has just released a clip of incitement on PA TV, officially sanctioned Palestinian television. The following is an excerpt of the televised Aug. 29, 2005 statements of the PA Ambassador to the UAE's Salim Abu Sultan on the Jihad of Palestinian mothers:

This lion cub went and attacked a settlement in the Gaza Strip. He fought and died a martyr's death. The next day, foreign journalists swarmed in and saw this mother, who is uneducated. They said to her: "Is it true that Saddam Hussein gave you $25,000 for sending your son to blow himself up?"

What did this woman respond? Those who asked her were of course foreign journalists and TV channels from Europe... She said to them: "You don't understand the meaning of this world, the world to come, death, paradise, and so on. Our people lives on sacred land, and I wished the best for my son. The highest status of a person is that of a martyr, because he is placed next to the prophets in the world to come. I wished this for my beloved son, and dreamt that night that my son attained this status. Allah be praised for granting me this. All the money and all the oil of this world are worth less than one fingernail of my son."

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