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September 28, 2005

19-Year-Old a "Man"? "Teen"? Depends on His Nationality.

Why is a 19-year old Bostonian accused of assault identified as a “man�? while a 19-year old Palestinian killed by Israelis identified as a “teen�??

A September 23,2005 Boston Globe headline for an AP story on page A13 of the print edition read:

Palestinian Teen Killed as Israelis Evacuate Base

The AP story described the shooting by soldiers of Allah Khamtouni, 19, in an Israeli army base near Jenin on Sept. 22. Khamtouni and others entered the Dotan base thinking it had been abandoned but soldiers, fearing a suicide bombing, fired at Khamtouni's legs. He bent down as they fired and was fatally hit in the shoulder.

Contrast this with the headline on a Globe article published a day later in the print edition:

Man, 19, Charged in Knife Assault
He’s accused of injuring students from New Orleans

Posted by MK at September 28, 2005 12:20 PM


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