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September 15, 2005

BBC Details Taibeh (Taybeh) Attack

Nadim Khoury's brewery escaped the mob/Photo by BBC

Lucy Williamson of the BBC has published a detailed report about last week's attack by Palestinian Muslims from Deir Jarir on the Palestinian Christian town of Taibeh (Taybeh). "The reason?" asks Williamson, "An alleged relationship between a Christian man from Taybeh and a Muslim woman from Deir Jarir."

Williamson interviews Nadim Khoury of Taibeh, the owner of a famous brewery:

Nadim was lucky--the brewery escaped. But the mob burned 13 houses that night--all of them belonging to Nadim's extended family. His cousins hid in the olive groves overlooking the village and watched as their homes were torched.

Nadim's cousin, Madhi, is the man accused of impregnating the Muslim girl from Deir Jarir, who was later killed, presumably by family members. Williamson writes:

No investigation will convince the [woman's] family of Mahdi's innocence, [a relative] says. And no prison term will constitute justice. There are some things you cannot compensate for. Mahdi must die.

The death threat is supported by some in Deir Jarir's traditional council. . .

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