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September 19, 2005

AFP Takes Sides on Terror Terminology


In an otherwise solid article on the threat facing the Israeli community of Netiv Haasara, just north of the Gaza Strip, Agence France Presse exemplifies its tendency to whitewash Palestinian terrorism.

Reporter Michael Blum writes today ("Netiv Haasara, Israel's new frontline on Gaza"):

But it never occurred to [Netiv Haasara residents] that they would pay a price for the barrier Israel is constructing against what it calls Palestinian "terrorism," should militants target Israeli communities with rocket or mortar attacks out of the Gaza Strip.

Blum is perfectly aware that these "militants" are targeting civilians, even in their homes, which by definition renders the attackers "terrorists."

He writes:

Living in the village for five years, today they hardly dare walk anywhere near the Netiv Haasara security fence, remembering all too clearly that a young woman was killed two months ago when a rocket smashed into her home.

Posted by TS at September 19, 2005 04:31 AM


"Michael BLum writes:

Since a weekend spike in violence following the deaths of eight Palestinian picnickers in an apparent Israeli shelling attack, 79 rockets have been fired into Israel, 11 of which fell inside Sderot and another five in the area."

First, this article comes out after a conclusion by experts showing that the explosion was definitely not from a shell fired from Israel.

Second, the use of the phrase "apparent Israeli shelling attack" to describe the incident clearly shows bias on the part of Micahel Blum. Micahel Blum's irresponsible reporting clearly shows a biased attitude when reporting on events in Israel.

Michael Blum writes:

"'The rockets fell everywhere and we have no way to protect our children,' complains Sasson Sara, a shopkeeper in the downtown area who has been living in the town for 50 years.

Although notoriously inaccurate, the primitive rockets known as Qassams -- named after the armed wing of ruling Palestinian faction Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades which honed their manufacture -- have caused death in Sderot."

Michael BLum immediately downplays the effect of the rockets by describing them as "although notoriously inaccurate." Realistically, weapons with no actual target, threatening and killing anyone in a town is purely evil and a practise of terrorism in the highest degree. Micahel Blum fails to use the word "terrorism" or "terrorist" when describing acts by the palestinians.

Michael Blum's irresponsible reporting should be regarded as nothing more than anti-Israel rhetoric, as is not uncommon in today's media.

Posted by: Dan Sopher at June 13, 2006 11:09 PM

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