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August 01, 2005

What Rockets?

Palestinian mortar and rocket attacks on Israeli targets continue, not only endangering Israeli lives but also demonstrating the ineffectiveness of the so-called cease-fire and underscoring the need for Mahmoud Abbas to crack down on the infrastructure of terror, as called for in the road map peace plan.

Yet, unless you get your news from Israeli sources or China's Xinhua news service, you might not know about these continuing attacks.

Israel's Ynet reports:

Two Qassam rockets landed Friday afternoon in open areas near the southern town of Sderot, which has been repeatedly targeted by Palestinian terrorists in recent weeks. ...

Later, another Qassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists landed in a sunflower field near Sderot. No injuries were reported in that attack.

Thursday night, three Qassam rockets landed in open areas in the Sderot region. No injuries or damages were reported in that barrage either.

The Jerusalem Post and Xinhua published similar reports.

Although these attacks are violations of the road map peace plan and are certainly relevant in the days leading up to Israel's withdrawal from Gaza, the American press does not seem interested in alerting the public to this continued Palestinian terrorism. According to a news database, the attacks were altogether ignored, with few if any exceptions.

It should be noted that while UPI did not report on these specific attacks, the wire service did mention the ongoing barrages:

All this will not stop the rockets and mortar bombs that Palestinians have been sending over the fence. According to the army spokesman this month the Palestinians have fired 166 mortar bombs and 40 Qassam rockets into Israel proper.

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XINHUA and J Post? What odd bedfellows?

Posted by: jodi at August 2, 2005 05:24 PM

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