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August 27, 2005

Reuters' Editorial Policy

The Reuters editorial policy notes:

We ... pay particular attention to all our coverage in extremely sensitive regions.

We do not take sides and attempt to reflect in our stories ... the views of all sides.

And states:

Reuters has strict policies in place to ensure adherence to these principles.

Judging by one Aug. 27 news report, the media giant might want to re-examine these "strict policies" which profess to ensure "the views off all sides" are reflected in its stories. The article, about the Palestinians' next step after Israel's Gaza pullout, does not relay the Israeli view at all.

Maybe there just wasn't any more room after quoting "a spokesman for Hamas," the "Palestinian chief negotiator," and "an adviser to the Palestinian Authority," a Council on Foreign Relations director arguing against immediately dismantling Hamas, unnamed U.S. officials, and President Bush.

An Israeli perspective: "The Palestinian Authority can put an end to terror in '48 to 72 hours' by arresting militants and seizing their weapons, says Dan Gillerman [pictured above], Israel's ambassador to the United Nations." (Montreal Gazette, Aug. 19, 2005)

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