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August 24, 2005

Mystery About Henry Siegman Solved


Ever wonder why Henry Siegman—Senior Fellow and Director of the U.S./Middle East Project for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and former director of the American Jewish Congress—is such an ardent supporter of the Palestinian narrative? In fact, he so rigidly anti-Israel that he frequently misrepresents the facts in order to support his political positions. Ever wonder what factors motivate the man to publish consistently anti-Israel articles? Well, wonder no more. The mystery has been solved.

It turns out that much of the funding for the Council's "U.S./Middle East Project" comes from overseas, including the European Commission, the government of Norway, Kuwaiti and Saudi businessmen, a Lebanese politician, and, for one year, an official of the commercial arm of the Palestinian Authority, Munib Masri.

An even more disturbing question is why the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, and New York Review of Books do not bother to disclose to their readers the source of Siegman's funding when publishing his anti-Israel attacks in their newspapers. The New York Sun editorial that solved the mystery correctly points out:

The Times itself has an integrity policy requiring freelance contributors to "avoid conflicts of interest, real or apparent," yet the Times ran an op-ed piece by Mr. Siegman in 2002 identifying him only as "a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations." If the publications had made the disclosure, their readers could draw their own conclusions.

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