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August 15, 2005

French Journalist Kidnapped

The PA is not known for freedom of the press — they have recently made clear what Palestinian journalists should and shouldn't cover.

Some Palestinians clearly strive to influence foreign journalists' reporting as well. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Unidentified gunmen on Sunday night kidnapped a French journalist who was in the Gaza Strip to cover the disengagement, prompting some foreign TV crews to leave the area out of fear for their lives. ...

Eyewitnesses said three kidnappers armed with rifles kidnapped him while he was walking back to his hotel in Gaza City. The three threatened Ouathi, pulled him into a white Subaru and drove away to an unknown destination.

This is by no means the first time journalists working in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been attacked and intimidated, and reporters certainly take heed of the "journalistic rules" enforced by these attackers.

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