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June 19, 2005

Reform Judaism Rapps Libraries

Andrea Rapp, a synagogue librarian, describes the bias and outright falsehoods in numerous books about Israel intended for children. Her article in Reform Judaism Magazine provides specifics about problems in The Six-Day War by Matthew Broyles, A Historical Atlas of Israel by Amy Romano, Virginia Bracett's Menachem Begin, Cory Gunderson's The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, Tracey Boraas' Israel, and more.

Rapp cites CAMERA's work in correcting anti-Israel bias in library books--(see CAMERA's Adopt A Library Project)--as well as that of Librarians for Fairness.

For more on the problem of bias in libraries, see CAMERA's article on the tendentious Library Journal.

Boraas book.jpg
Tracey Boraas' Israel wrongly states that 2000 Camp David talks collapsed because "both Israel and the Palestinian Authority insisted on control of East Jerusalem." In fact, the Israelis agreed to cede control of the Arab neighborhoods of east Jerusalem.

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