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June 06, 2005

Beilin's 100% Margin of Error

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Advocating a policy of territorial withdrawal, Yossi Beilin writes in Ha'aretz yesterday:

All I am trying to do is to enable my grandchildren to live in this land as I lived during the quietest and most beautiful decade of its life--1957-1967.

Indeed, the op-ed's headline is "The best decade of our lives."

Pining for that idyllic period, Beilin, a former member of Knesset and one of the architects of the "Geneva Accords," reminisces:

...during this entire period, only 20 people were killed by hostile operations.

Beilin's margin of error is approximately 100 percent on that figure. At least 40 Israelis were killed by hostile actions during this period.

The following incident's are listed on the Web site of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.
* Feb. 18, 1957: Two civilians were killed by terrorist landmines, next to Nir Yitzhak, on the southern border of the Gaza Strip.
* March 8, 1957: A shepherd from Kibbutz Beit Guvrin was killed by terrorists in a field near the kibbutz.
* April 16, 1957: Terrorists infiltrated from Jordan, and killed two guards at Kibbutz Mesilot
* May 20, 1957: A terrorist opened fire on a truck in the Arava region, killing a worker.
* May 29, 1957: A tractor driver was killed and two others wounded, when the vehicle struck a landmine, next to Kibbutz Kisufim.
* Aug. 23, 1957: Two guards of the Israeli Mekorot water company were killed near Kibbutz Beit Guvrin.
* Dec. 21, 1957: A member of Kibbutz Gadot was killed in the Kibbutz fields.
* Feb. 11, 1958: Terrorists killed a resident of Moshav Yanov who was on his way to Kfar Yona, in the Sharon area.
* April 5, 1958: Terrorists lying in ambush shot and killed two fishermen near Aqaba
* April 22, 1958: Jordanian soldiers shot and killed two fisherman near Aqaba
* May 26, 1958: Four Israeli police officers were killed in a Jordanian attack on Mt. Scopus
* Dec. 3, 1958: A shepherd was killed at Kibbutz Gonen.
* Jan. 23, 1959: A shepherd from Kibbutz Lehavot Habashan was killed.
* Feb. 1, 1959: Three civilians were killed by a terrorist landmine near Moshav Zavdiel.
* April 15, 1959: A guard was killed at Kibbutz Ramat Rahel.
* April 27, 1959: Two hikers were shot at close range and killed near Masada.
* Sept. 6, 1959: Bedouin terrorists killed a paratroop reconnaissance officer near Nitzana.
* Sept. 8, 1959: Bedouins opened fire on an army bivouac in the Negev, killing an IDF officer, Captain Yair Peled.
* Oct. 3, 1959: A shepherd from Kibbutz Hetziba was killed near Kibbutz Yad Hana.
* April 26, 1960: Terrorists killed a resident of Ashkelon south of the city.
* May 11, 1965: Jordanian Legionnaires fired on the neighborhood of Musrara in Jerusalem, killing two civilians.
* May 16, 1966: Two Israelis were killed when their jeep hit a terrorist landmine, north of the Sea of Galilee and south of Almagor. Tracks led to Syria.
* July 13, 1966: Two soldiers and a civilian were killed near Almagor, when their truck struck a terrorist landmine.

In addition, according to Martin Gilbert's Atlas of the Arab-Israeli Conflict, four border policemen were killed by a Syrian mine on Oct. 9, 1966.

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