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June 07, 2005

AP Continues to Minimize Palestinian Violence

On June 5, an AP story noted:

Jerusalem has been the scene of several Palestinian suicide bombings during four years of violence, and police are always concerned about large gatherings in the city as potential targets for attackers.

According to Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there have been 21 fatal suicide bombings in Jerusalem since September 2000.

The word "several" is generally defined as "more than two or three but not many."

True, the word "many" is subjective. It's hard to believe, though, that anyone in their right minds would say 21 suicide bombings in a city is "not many".

Considering the AP's history of minimizing violence against Israel, it's hard not to look at their word choice here as a continuation of this anti-Israel pattern.

(Also part of this pattern is the AP's recent descriptions of Islamic Jihad as a group simply "blamed" for attacks against Israel. AP is aware of the fact that Islamic Jihad is more than "blamed" for these attacks; they have admitted responsibility for them.)

One of many Jerusalem suicide bombings.

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