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May 13, 2005

Suicide Bombers are Recruited

More problems for those columnists and pundits who falsely claim suicide bombers murder Jews only because they've been brutally oppressed by Israel and driven to desparation.

The AP reported yesterday on the third meeting of would-be suicide bombers organized "by the Headquarters for Commemorating Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, a shadowy group that has sought volunteers for attacks in Iraq and Israel since last year."

The recruits, who aside from killing Jews also apparently seek to kill British author "apostate Salman Rushdie" and American troops in Iraq, chanted Islamic slogans — "Allahu akbar" or "God is great" — along with fundamentalist slogans — "Death to America!"

Since neither Israeli Jews nor Salman Rushdie are among those who brutally oppress Iranians, it looks like we need a new way to explain these potential suicide bombers.


AP photo of Iranian suicide volunteers

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